The New Japan Pro-Wrestling Wiki is an an English-language wiki covering New Japan Pro-Wrestling from the perspective of wrestling fans outside of Japan.  It's a source for those interested in New Japan to learn about the product, and for existing New Japan fans to share their knowledge.

This wiki is not affiliated with, maintained, or sponsored by New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Bushiroad, or any of their affiliates. This is an independent, unofficial site.

Standard formatting for articles is currently being developed, but contributors are advised to look to existing articles for guidance.  If you have information you'd like to share don't be afraid to add it in whatever way, and the editors will come by and clean it up for the time being.  Note that information not readily available from New Japan (event results, wrestler bios, etc.) needs a reliable source.

World Pro-Wrestling from TVAsahi

World prowrestling × New Japan Prowrestling

World prowrestling × New Japan Prowrestling

Current priorities

Below are our current priorities.  Initially, we'll be focusing on recent history to allow new fans to become familiar with the product.  From there on, we'll be delving into New Japan's past.  The tiers below are guides if you're interested in contributing but don't know where to start.  If there's a topic you're particularly interested in or an expert on and you'd rather write about that, feel free to, regardless of its priority.

  • Tier 1
    • iPPV events (King of Pro-Wrestling (2012) and onwards)
    • current midcard and main event wrestlers
    • current titles and their recent histories
    • terminology and concepts in New Japan & puro
    • current midcard and main event stables and tag teams
  • Tier 2
    • current lower card wrestlers
    • general NJPW article, including its history
    • major cards/events from 2010 to the present day
  • Tier 3
    • Jan 4 Tokyo Dome Show history
    • G1 Climax history
  • Tier 4
    • historically important wrestlers
    • other historically significant events/cards
  • Tier 5
    • other tournament histories (i.e., BOSJ, NJ Cup)
    • retired/inactive wrestlers


Tetsuya Naito wins G1 Climax 23, earning an IWGP Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestle Kingdom 8. (Source: NJPW)

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